Welcome to Cary Driving Academy!

We are licensed by the State of North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles, insured & bonded.

Cary Driving Academy serves the Triangle, NC area in providing a high quality driver training experience. Our sole purpose is to equip students with the tools and knowledge needed to become a safe, respectful and conscientious driver.

Teens (14.5-18yrs)
30-Hrs Classroom Instruction / 6-Hrs Behind the Wheel Instruction
$435per course
6-Hrs of Behind the Wheel Instruction Only (No Classroom)
$355per course
Additional Individual Lessons Available / 2-Hrs Minimum
$65per hour
30-Hrs Classroom Instruction / 6-Hrs Behind the Wheel for Homeschoolers
$435per course
Individual Driving Lessons 2 Hr. Min.
$65per hour

When Melodie hired me, she helped to not only build on my character but also instilled values and confidence that have helped me to the success I have today!  I will always be thankful for her guidance, support, and constructive criticism.  She has a way of earning and graciously reciprocating respect.

Jane Worrell Oncology Nurse Navigator

Melodie always considered our family needs a priority. She showed compassion and sound decision making time and again. Melodie supported us no matter the circumstance as we both worked full-time, raising a family and serving our Country in the military. I can think of no one I would trust more with my children to learn such a critical and life changing skill as driving an automobile.

COL (ret) Stephan Picard,

Melodie is an extraordinary teacher, coach and mentor. She is patient and supportive when teaching any type of skill set. Melodie has been extremely influential in my development as a professional, manager and leader. I am forever grateful to Melodie for her expertise and unwavering belief in my abilities. Without her guidance, I would not have been as successful as I am today.

Dr. Rob LeGary Jr.Ed.D.
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1003 High House Rd, Ste 203, Cary, NC 27513